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All domain name subscriptions that Norid assigns or extends based on orders from you as a registrar, generates a fee of NOK 60 plus VAT. The fee is deducted from your balance. You must at all times make sure that the balance in your account is sufficient to cover your expected volume of transactions. If your account has insufficient funds to cover the transaction, it will be rejected.

Make a deposit

You can make a deposit to your account using the unique KID number assigned to you. Your KID number is posted on the registrar web under the tab Accounting. The account number is 4200 49 88080 (SWIFT Code: SPTRNO22 / IBAN: NO98 4200 4988 080).

If you make a deposit using the KID number, your balance will normally be updated by the next business day if you made your payment before 14:30 hrs. However, we recommend that you allow a bit more time, as transfers are sometimes delayed from the bank.

You need to assess how much you want to deposit, based on your estimated activity involving new and existing domain name subscriptions, and how often you want to top up your balance.

Registrars abroad who cannot pay using KID must remember to mark every deposit with their assigned KID number. Please note that it will take at least 3–4 days before payments made from abroad are reflected in the balance.

All deposits will trigger a confirmation of payment, which is sent by email to the person registered as the invoice contact.

Prepaid amounts do not generate interest.

Monitor your account

On the registrar web you can check your balance under the tab Operational. The balance is excl. of VAT.

You can also check your deposit history under the tab Daily and Economy status files.

Notification when balance is low

You can activate notifications when your balance is low. When this is activated, you get an e-mail when it is time to make a new deposit. We recommend that all registrars activate this feature to reduce the risk of transactions being rejected due to insufficient funds.

Activate the notifications for low balance under the tab Operational in the log-in section of the registrar web.

Cash invoice

At the beginning of each month, all registrars who have had transactions against their balance will receive a cash invoice specifying how many domain names have been registered and renewed in the past month. The basis for this invoice, including a list of the domain names in question, is available on the registrar web.

The cash invoice is just a confirmation of how much was deducted from your balance in the past month; it does not need to be paid.

The cash invoice is sent via EHF for providers who have activated this functionality. Others will receive a PDF via email.

Billing address

Invoices are addressed to the address you have registered on the registrar web under 'Billing contact name'. Invoices are sent to the email address you have registered on the same tab.

Published: 24 April 2020
Updated: 10 September 2021