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As a provider, you must either register at least 40 new domain names or be the provider of at least 40 domain names. Below is more information about this minimum activity requirement and what the consequences may be if you fail to reach it.

Why we have a minimum activity requirement

This requirement serves to ensure the best possible quality of the service provided by our domain providers. These are technical services, but providers also need a certain level of activity to stay up to date on regulations and procedures.

How we count

The period is defined as the past year at any given time. We assess your activity by counting the number of transactions (new registrations, transfers and renewals) over the past twelve months. As a provider, you can monitor your own activity level on the counter found on the provider web. This gives you the chance to implement measures if you see that your activity level has been too low.

If your activity is too low

We monitor activity regularly and will issue a notice to providers who do not meet the requirement. We follow up on the notice, and if your activity level does not increase, we may terminate the provider agreement.

Published: 24 April 2020
Updated: 25 August 2020