New data model: Tech contact must be a role

We have decided to adjust the new data model. The technical contact for delegations and name servers shall be a role in the new model; it will not be possible to register a person.

Why make this change?

The changes to Norid’s data model has been balanced up against the considerations for data privacy that is now being strengthened through the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), that goes into effect in May 2018. We have completed a thorough review of what data we collect and are starting to look into what data we will make publicly available through our lookup-service, whois in the future. Our main principle is that we will only collect data we truly need, thus limiting the amount of data that we collect, store and publish. 

For delegations and name servers, there is a need for a publicly available point of contact in case of technical errors. There is however no need for this contact to be a person, so we have decided that the technical contact shall be a role. The contact information collected for a role is presumed to not contain any personal data, and can thus be made available to the public through our whois service.

When will the change be implemented? 

The change is worked into the ongoing implementation project for the new data model, and follows the project’s timeline.

Contact information must be changed from person to role 

The registrars must ensure that their customers’ delegations and name servers get updated with role objects if they do not already have them. 

The change of contacts from person to role can start immediately on existing delegations and name servers. For new delegations and new name servers, please collect role contacts only. Take care to collect neutral contact data for the roles, and avoid personal data e.g. personal email addresses, phone numers, etc.

Mandatory data conversion – what will happen?

Before the new data model takes effect, we will do a mandatory conversion of data that does not comply with the requirements in the new data model. For technical contacts that remain unchanged from person to role, the following will happen: 

  • Name servers: Contact persons will be deleted 
  • Delegations that have both person and role as technical contacts: The person contact will be deleted
  • Delegations that only have a person as technical contact: These will not be converted

For unconverted delegations, the registrars will receive a deadline for changing the contact information from person to role. After the deadline, we will start a process to delete delegations that do not comply with the technical requirements in the data model. 

We expect the registrars to take charge of their customers’ data and do any necessary conversions so that no needless problems arise when the new data model is implemented. 

Updated information about the implementation

Information about the implementation of the new data model is updated continuously on the projects web pages. The documentation for the new data model will be updated with the changes regarding the technical contact. 

Published 30 November 2017