Test server upgrade to introduce DNSSEC support in the EPP interface

The test server will be stopped 30 January at 12.45 CET. All test services will be unavaliable (*.test.norid.no). The upgrade will take about 1 hours.

The test system will be upgraded with DNSSEC support in the:

  • EPP interface. Support for DS- and optional key information is added. Please ses the documentation pages for details.
  • EPP client. Support for DS/key data has been added. The help texts are updated with detailed information on how the parameters can be used.
  • Registrar web. A new ‘DNSSEC enabled’ parameter is added in the ‘Registry Access’ tab. The parameter controls whether a registrar is willing to and wants to handle domains with DNSSEC data. The parameter must be actively set to the value ‘Yes’ to make it possible to add DNSSEC data on a domain. The registrar can set this parameter himself on the test system, since that is most practical in a test environment.

Only the EPP interface is updated with DNSSEC support. Whois and other interfaces will be updated to show DNSSEC information at a later point.

This update should enable the registrar to develop and test DNSSEC support in their EPP software.

The update is a part of the DNSSEC project. Read more about the project here.

Any questions concerning DNSSEC and the test system can be sent to info@norid.no.

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