Minimum activity requirements

A registrar should either register a minimum of 40 domains or be registrar for at least 40 domains during a year. This page describes the background for this requirement, actual routines and the consequences which may occur if the registrars do not meet the requirement. We also give some advice on how a registrar can monitor his own activity.

Why do we require a minimum of activity?

Generally this requirement is set to keep the registrar services at a high quality level. In addition it is important that applicants and holders can feel confident that registrars which have an agreement with Norid are updated on domain name policy as well as handling issues.

How do we count?

We measure the activity by counting the number of new registrations, holder changes and renewals for a registrar over the last 12 months.

On the registrar web there is a counter which shows the activity for the previous year. Registrars can use this counter to monitor their activity and if necessary increase their activity if it is below the minimum requirement.

If the activity is too low

We check the registrar’s activity regularly, and will issue a warning to registrars who do not meet the activity requirement. These registrars will be monitored, and if the activity is not increased, the consequence could be termination of the registrar agreement.

Published 4 July 2014 • Last updated 24 June 2019