Welcome to the registrar test

The purpose of the registrar test is to take the registrars through the ordinary routines for registering and maintaining domain names, and routines for maintaining the registrar’s own data on the registrar web.

The test is done on a test version of the system, where each registrar has been allocated two test accounts. Except for not performing the DNS check and not sending emails, the test system is a mirror of the production system. The test can be carried out regardless of which EPP client is chosen, and takes about 1-2 hours to complete.

At least one staff member of the registrar’s company must pass the test before the registrar is granted access to the registry system.

How to take the test

  1. Go through part 1: Maintain data on your registrar web pages
  2. Go through part 2: Register and maintain domain names
  3. Click the "Send email" button
  4. Type your registrar ID in the subject field and send your message
  5. You will receive a receipt in 0-3 working days, approving you for access to the registry system

If you get stuck

There are guidelines for each test task. As in the production system, you will get an error message if you make a mistake. Read the messages carefully, take a look at the task guideline and try again. Guidelines and error messages are available in Norwegian and English. In addition there are complete help pages both for the registration system and the login part of the registrar web, also in Norwegian and English.

You are welcome to contact us at info@norid.no or phone +47 73 55 73 55 if you become completely stuck.

Good luck.

Published 3 July 2014 • Last updated 15 September 2017