Registrar test

Part 1: Maintain data on your registrar web pages

Before you begin:

The tasks 1 – 5 must be performed for both of your test accounts.

Access to the registry system veiledning

Choose Registry Access

  1. Add an IP address
  2. Change the EPP password

Maintain the registrar object veiledning

Choose Organizational

  1. Change your postal address, add a phone number and change the email address
  2. Update your billing address (billing contact name) with a new email address.
  3. Create an additional technical contact and add the contact’s email address

Renewal and balance notifications veiledning

Choose Operational

  1. Activate automatic renewal of your domains
  2. Add a balance low value
  3. Add the balance low notification email address

Bank and invoice information veiledning

Choose Accounting

  1. Add your bank account number and the name of your bank
  2. Add a reference you would like your invoices to be marked with, eg. ‘Accounting’

Contact information to be published veiledning

Choose Public Data

  1. Update the address that will be published
  2. Add the URL for your website

Email lists veiledning

Choose Email Lists

  1. Add an email address to the registrar list –
  2. Add an email address to the registrar forum list –

User administration veiledning

Choose Users

  1. Add a new user with read-only access to the registrar web
  2. Create a new password for this user

Registrar test part 2: Register and maintain domain names

Published 17 June 2014 • Last updated 9 January 2019