Registrar test

Part 2: Register and maintain domain names

Before you begin:

  • You need an EPP client. You can choose whether you want to use your own EPP client or Norid’s web client to do the test. If you plan to use your own EPP client towards the registration system you should also use that client when you take the registrar test. You can also take a look at our list of available EPP software. If you are using your own EPP client, and it does not support all the necessary parameters, for instance DNSSEC, you can use Norid’s web client instead for the tasks in question.
  • You have received two test accounts, regId1 and regId2. You will need both accounts to complete the test. Log in as regId1 to complete the tasks 1-13 and 15-20, and regId2 for task 14.
  • You have already set the login password in part 1 of this test, step 2.
  • The Whois service for the test system is here.


Register veiledning

  • Contacts:

    1. Register two organizations, one of them should have an æ, ø or å in the name.
    2. Register one private person with the following data:
      • First name: ADAM
      • Middle name: FOS
      • Last name: AASS
      • PID: N.PRI.89235614
    3. Register a role object.
  • Hosts:

    1. Register two hosts.
  • Domain:

    1. Register a domain.
      • The name must include at least one of the letters æ, ø or å.
      • An authentication code (AuthInfo) shall be set during the registration.
      • Before you register the domain you must sign an applicant declaration by either using your own systems or our web based automat. The data set you receive together with the applicant declaration should be submitted via EPP as a part of the domain registration.

Update veiledning

  • Contacts:

    1. Update an organization with a new postal address.
    2. Update a private person with a new email address.
    3. Update a role with a new email address.
  • Hosts:

    1. Update one of the hosts with a new role.
  • Domain:

    1. Update the domain with a new technical contact and a new host.
    2. Update the domain by adding the following two DS records (DNSSEC data):
          keytag     : 1630
          algorithm  : 10
          digest_type: 2
          digest     : a7016b9c6f2f35efe7f1cd1fc046e 863363c1c3cb8706d57491ad19e59 32cf83
          keytag     : 681
          algorithm  : 8
          digest_type: 1
          digest     : 00d59fa4454d6f7d68b7d9dbad776 7265ccfe0a2
    3. Update the domain by removing the DS record that has keytag 681.

Change holder veiledning

    1. Update the domain with a new holder. You must sign a new applicant declaration for the new holder. The data set is then used for the transfer. Set a new AuthInfo.

Change of registrar veiledning

    1. The domain has an AuthInfo set which you get from the holder
      Logon to your EPP client with regId2. Transfer the domain to you. Use the AuthInfo from task 13.
    2. The domain has an AuthInfo set, but the holder cannot find it. You need a one-time token.
      1. Logon to your EPP client with regId1. Request a token.
      2. Meanwhile, the client has changed his mind and doesn’t want to transfer the domain. Cancel the process.
      3. The client has changed his mind again.
        Request another token. Transfer the domain to you, using this token: simsalabim.

Renew a domain veiledning

    1. Renew the domain for 12 months.

Withdraw from a domain veiledning

    1. Withdraw from the domain.

Delete objects veiledning

    1. Delete the domain.
    2. Delete one of your contacts.
    3. Delete one of your hosts.

Registrar test part 1: Maintain data on your registrar web pages

Published 30 September 2014 • Last updated 22 June 2019