Control of the applicant declarations

The applicant declaration has an important legal position, also for you as a registrar. We therefore follow up the routines around the declaration form closely.

We will check that the registrar collects applicant declaration forms according to the requirements. This is done by spot checks, ‘mystery shopping’ or other methods

There will be consequences for any registrar that does not fulfill the requirements in regard to applicant declaration forms.


The registrar receives a warning and a note on his record if an applicant declaration is faulty. Repeated breaches of the registrar agreement could result in the termination of the agreement, see paragraph 3 in the registrar agreement.

Don’t hesitate to ask us

We are happy to give advice if you have questions about the handling of applicant declarations. It could be time-saving for all parties involved if you ask in advance instead of making errors which are discovered later.

Published 26 January 2016 • Last updated 22 June 2019