Fees and billing routines

This page describes the fees that are charged by Norid and the payment terms.

Administration fee for new registrars

As a new registrar you pay an administration fee of NOK 5,000 to cover costs associated with the establishment and further administration of the registrar agreement.

Payment for domains

We charge a fee for new registrations, renewals and change of holder. Each time the registrar uses Norid’s registration service to submit a transaction which demands payment, the fee is deducted from the amount that is prepaid by the registrar. If the balance is too low to cover the transaction, it will be rejected.

  • New registrations and change of holder

    This is a one-time fee which covers our costs for processing the registration.

  • Renewal of domains

    The annual fee is a subscription fee which covers our running costs in connection with quality assurance, maintenance and development of the domain service. The annual fee for the first year is covered by the registration fee.

    Renewals are paid in advance of the renewal period by the registrar who renews the domain.

More about renewal of domains

Each registrar can check their own balance at any time and make premayments when necessary. Norid does not pay interests on prepayments.

Fee for one-time token

If the authentication code is not available when the holder wants to change registrar, you can request a one-time token. If we have to update the contact information registered on the holder in order to send him the one-time token, we will charge a fee of NOK 200. This fee must be covered by the new registrar. This fee is billed separately and not on the monthly invoice.

More about authentication code and one-time token

Price changes

Two months notice is given for changes in prices.

Price list

Published 4 July 2014 • Last updated 24 June 2019