Prepayment for registration and renewal of .no domains

In order to register and renew .no domains, all registrars must make a prepayment to Norid. The registrars can see their own balance at any time and top up with prepayments when necessary.

Each time the registrar uses Norid’s registration service to submit a transaction which demands payment (registration or renewal of domains), the fee is deducted from the balance. If the balance is too low to cover the transaction, it will be rejected.

Making prepayments

Prepayments must be marked with a unique KID number which each registrar has received. The KID number can be found on your account on the registrar web, under the tab ‘Accounting’. Our payment details are:

IBAN: NO98 4200 49 88080


Please note that payments from abroad takes at least 3-4 days before they are registered on your balance.

Each registrar must estimate how much they wish to prepay based on their activity on registrations and renewal of .no domains, and how often they wish to make payments.

After making a prepayment you will receive a payment confirmation by email.

Norid does not pay interest on prepayments.

Checking your balance

Each registrar can check their own balance by logging into the registrar web. This information is available under the tab ‘Operational’.

It is also possible to see your payment history on the registrar web under the tab ‘Daily’ and ‘Economy status files’.

Low balance notification

We recommend that all registrars activate low balance notification, in order to get an email when it is time to make a prepayment. This will lower the risk for getting registrations and renewals rejected due to low balance.

Low balance notification is activated under the tab ‘Operational’ on the registrar web.

Credit balance

At the start of each month, registrars who have used some of their prepayment will receive a credit balance (cash invoice) which shows how many domains have been registered and how many domains have been renewed in the previous month. Specification of which domains have been registered and renewed can be found on the registrar web.

The credit balance is only issued to show how much have been used in the previous month and should not be paid.

The credit balance will be issued by email as a PDF attachment.

Published 30 November 2017 • Last updated 5 November 2019