The role of a registrar

In line with the wishes of the local Internet community in Norway, Norid follows a principle on only carrying out main tasks themselves, while tasks that doesn’t have to be carried out centrally are outsourced. This is accomplished by Norid handing over such tasks to registrars. The registrars is the contact between Norid and Norid’s customers (the domain name holders), and thereby hold a central position within the Norwegian registration regime.

The Norwegian domain name regulation ensures that the views of the user representatives and the authorities are taken into account when shaping the policy for the .no domain, and thereby making sure that it is reflecting the needs of the local Internet community. The domain name policy binds both Norid and the registrars as a part of the registration regime.

As a registry, Norid has a responsibility for shaping the registration regime so that the service it offers (registration of domains), are done in an appropriate way according to the domain name policy, and within the framework set by the regulation authorities. This includes defining the border between the tasks that should be centralized at Norid, and the tasks that should be handed over to registrars.

The registrars are Norid’s most significant partners, and it is important for Norid to have a good and professional relationship with them. Through the registrarcontract Norid requires the registrars to have the necessary technical and adminitrative skills to carry out the tasks handed over to them. Beyond the basic tasks each registrar is required to perform, registrars may also offer various levels of service and supplemental services. The development of systems for sending applications to Norid, invoicing the domain name holders and customer support are among the areas where the registrars are competing. Norid’s routines and systems are on a basic level to not give advantage to certain registrar’s business models or technical solutions.

The balance between the tasks of Norid and the registrars varies over time as the registrar business matures and is able to take on more responsibility. Billing of the registration fee is an example of a task that has been transferred from Norid to the registrars.

Contractual relationships


In addition to being the intermediary between Norid and the subscriber the registrar often also delivers his own services to the domain name holder.The following contractual relationship exists between the three parties:

  • The relationship between Norid and the registrars is regulated by the domain name policy for .no and the registrar agreement
  • The relationship between Norid and the domain name holders is regulated by the domain name policy for .no and the applicant statement (the customer agreement between Norid and the domain name holder). The applicant statement limits the responsibility between the domain name holder and the registration regime.
  • The relationship between the registrars and the domain name holders is often regulated by a seperate customer agreement.

The tasks of the registrar

A registrar submits applications and change notices concerning domain names under .no on behalf of an applicant or domain name holder, and is therefore required to keep himself updated on the domain name policy, terms of payment and Norid’s routines.

A registrar is responsible for guiding domain name applicants and informing the applicants about their rights and duties according to the domain name policy. In addition the registrar collects a signed copy of the applicant statement from the applicant.

The registrar is also responsible for paying the registration fee and the annual fee for each domain of which he is registrar. It is the task of the registrars to invoice each domain name holder.

A more thorough description can be found in the registrar agreement itself.

Published 3 July 2014 • Last updated 1 August 2019