Guidelines: Change holder


  1. Companies: Make sure the applicant has an organization type that is permitted to register .no domain names, see appendix E for the list.
  2. Individuals: Tell the applicant to create a personal identification code for himself by means of the PID automat. If he has created a personal ID previously, you should use that.
  3. Collect the the applicant declaration (signed by the new holder).
  4. Make sure that the current holder has approved of the holder change. You must be able to document this in the future, should any question arise.
  5. Transfer the domain to you if you are not already the sponsoring registrar.
  6. Change the relevant attributes (holder, hosts,legal contacts, technical contacts).
  7. Set a new authencation code (AuthInfo).
  8. Start the transaction with the update command.
  9. You will receive an immediate response via EPP. A notification is also sent by email to the former domain holder. 

Please note that after a change of holder the domain gets a new registration date and a new expiry date.

Published 9 October 2015 • Last updated 22 May 2018