More about attributes and objects

  • Name (person, domain holder)
    The person’s full name.
    Example: Kari Oline Nordmann
  • Name (organization, domain holder)
    The organization’s full name
    Example: UNINETT Norid AS
  • Name (legal contact/admin-c)
    The contact person’s name. (Note: MUST be a physical person, cannot be a role.)
    Example: Ola Nordmann
  • Name (role)
    The role name
    Example: Hostmaster
  • Country code, postal code, postal area
    Two digit country codes are formally defined in ISO 3166.
    ‘NO’ is a mandatory prefix for Norwegian postal codes. Postal code and the corresponding postal area must comply with the official lists from Posten Norge.

    Both the applicant organization and the legal contact must have a Norwegian postal code.

    Example: ‘NO-7465 TRONDHEIM’
  • Email address
    The contact’s email address. More than one may be registered.
  • Address
    The contact’s postal address.
  • Voice, fax and mobile
    The telephone number syntax is based on ITU E164. A telephone number must start with a plus sign (“+”) followed by a country code defined in ITU E164, followed by a dot (“.”), and finally the telephone number itself. An optional “x” attribute is provided to note telephone extension information.

    The mobile number can be registered as an alternative calling number. The mobile number could also be used for SMS messages from the registry, for instance for sending a one-time token during a domain transfer operation.

    Example 1, Norwegian telephone number: +47.73557900
    Example 2, Norwegian telephone number with extension line: +47.73557900×123
    Example 3, Norwegian short number: +47.07355
  • Related organization
    Organizations to which the contact is affiliated. The number may be zero or more.
    Legal contacts must be affiliated to the holder organization. More holders, e.g. within a Group, can have the same legal contact.

    Example: US9P is affiliated to UFA2O (UNINETT FAS AS) and UN1O (UNINETT Norid AS) and may then be legal contact for domains for both organizations.
  • Role contact
    Persons to which the role contact is affiliated.
  • Identifier
    An organization must be registered in Enhetsregisteret to be allowed to register a domain name. The official company number is the identifier for the organization.
    If a company number is not filled in, the system will generate a local identifier. Please note that these organizations can not register domain names.
  • Host name
    The name of the host (name server).

  • IP address(es)
    The IP address(es) of the host.
    Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are allowed.
    At least one IPv4 address is required if the host is within .no and answers with a glue record. If not you may choose whether to register an IP address or not.
    No IP address is allowed for an external name server.
  • Contakt ID
    The host’s contact ID.
    Contact ID (server ID) for a role or a person. The contact may be addressed for operational or technical questions.

    Example: ‘TXH1P’.
  • Domain name
    The full domain name.

    Example: ‘’
  • Organization object
    The holder’s contact ID. The organization is affiliated as a holder by means of this ID.

    Example: ‘TAH22O’

    When the domain name holder is updated (EPP: update), the domain is tranferred from one organization to another.
  • Technical contact (role object)
    Technical contakt’s ID (person or role). More than one technical contacts can be registered.

    Example: ‘UH12R’
  • Host object
    Name servers which handle the domain. At least two name servers must be specified.

    Example: ‘’ and ‘’
  • Domain object
    Information about a domain is registered within the domain object.
  • Authentification code
    Authentication code (AuthInfo) which protects against transfer to other registrars without the holder’s acceptance. The code can only be set and changed by the sponsor registrar and is hidden for other registrars. Password protection of domains is optional.

    The code must have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 16 characters. The characters allowed must be chosen from at least two of the following four character groups:

      – ! # $ % & * + , . \ / : ; < = > ? @ _

    Example: ‘myZecret8fs123’

  • Applicant dataset
    The data set contains the requiered elements from the applicant’s declaration.


       version: 3.0
       date   : 2018-05-22T12:51:09Z
       name   : Kari Nordmann
  • DNSSEC data
    This is a dataset which must contain the values from at least one DS record.
    The corresponding key data may be also passed, but that is optionally.

    Eksempel of required DS data elements:

      keytag     : 24379
      algorithm  : 5
      digest_type: 1
      digest     : 43b670827d979202c297ec6e958c9653d8f14328
    Key data is optional, but may be specified. If specified, the key will be validated against the corresponding DS record.
    Example of key data:
      flags   : 257
      protocol: 3
      alg     : 5
      pubKey  : AwEAAfENT8LjD8ZdyVk59UhpzQqVyfIUwkGPImZr6lriB23GJw+S9taerp9/EMfONfnT+IVRW89BuUw16M/TWBkQBv0=
Last updated 22 May 2018