Guidelines: Withdraw from a domain

How to withdraw from a domain

  1. Withdrawing from a domain is done with the EPP command withdraw.
  2. The holder is notified by email.
  3. The domain is tagged with ‘reg0’, which means that is has no registrar.
  4. The authentication code (AuthInfo) is automatically removed.
  5. A domain that has no registrar cannot be updated and will not be renewed at the expiry date.

Please see the guidelines for transfer without the authentication code if you need to pick up a domain that has no registrar.

If you are picking up a domain that has expired, you have to verify that you will renew the domain at time of the transfer from ‘reg0’. You do this as part of the ‘transfer’ command.

Published 8 July 2014 • Last updated 2 May 2018