The PID automat

The PID automat (personal ID automat) generates a synonym for the applicant’s national identity number. This way, individuals can be identified when they apply for or hold a domain name without having their national identity number published.

A first-time applicant visits our PID automat and enters:

  • His national identity number (11 digits)
    Note that only ordinary identity numbers are accepted. D and H numbers are not accepted.

  • His full name as registered in the National Registry

  • A valid email address

The applicants’ data is checked against the National Register (Folkeregisteret). If the data are correct, he gets his PID; if the data are incorrect he gets an error message.

If an private individual has changed his name:

  • The holder types his official identity number and new name in the PID automat.
  • If the official identity number has already been registered, and the name is different from what was previously registered on this official identity number, the automat assumes the the holder wishes to change his name. If the new name corresponds with the information registered in Folkeregisteret, the personal ID is updated.
  • Use EPP to update the holder’s contact object.

The PID is used in applications and it is stored in Norid’s regular database. Each person gets his unique PID that will be used in all future private domain transactions.

The Personal Data Act requires that it is clear who the data handler is at the time the personal data is collected. Due to this, the registrar must not cover up Norid’s interface if the PID automat is built into the registrar’s own applications. See the terms and conditions for the PID automat.

To prevent the PID automat from being used to search for other people’s national identity numbers, Norid is monitoring the lookups. It is important that the registrars do not run tests against the PID automat in the production system. Please run your tests in the test system.

Published 10 February 2015 • Last updated 22 June 2019