EPP software

This page collects relevant EPP software that could be considered by a registrar who wants to develop a client-side EPP implementation.

Software developed by Norid

Net-DRI for .no

Released 2020-04-30: Net-DRI-0.96.13_0002.tar.gz. 0.96_13 DEV from CPAN adapted for Norid EPP service usage. See the Changes file in the distribution for further details.

This is a powerful and widely used EPP library/API module. Norid has added support for .no to it. The module complies to the 1.0 and 1.1 versions of the XML schemas. It contains some changes compared to the 0.96_13 DEV version on CPAN. Until these changes are included in the next Net-DRI version and published on CPAN, it can be downloaded here.

This module also contains source code for a simple command line EPP client, which is found in the eg/ directory. It is developed by Norid purely for internal DRI testing purposes, but can be used as an example standalone client or as an example on how to use the Net::DRI API for .no.

General information about the Net::DRI module on CPAN.

Web based EPP client

Release date 2020-04-30: NORID-EppClient-1.10.tar.gz :

  • See the Changes file in the distribution for more details
  • Note: Requires the Net-DRI-0.96.13_0002 version of Net-DRI

This is the source code for the EPP web client developed by Norid. This is a minimalistic EPP client implementation intended for low-volume registrars.

Please read the README and INSTALL files in the distribution to find terms of usage and guidelines for installation.

Go to the testing page for further information on usage.

Perl programs for automatic service message polling and sending them by email

Released 2011-10-21: poll2email.tar.gz
Updated 2012-08-07: Updated ‘svc_poll_www.pl’ to handle login and poll/ack token. Updated both programs to handle empty filter list.

When the introduction of the new registry system a number of email based notifications were removed and replaced by service messages over the EPP channel.

Some registrars have requested the possibility of still receiving emails for some notification types.

The registry system is an EPP based system and Norid will continue to use the EPP channel as the main notification channel.

We have however, chosen to offer a couple of simple poll programs that might help to solve this situation.

‘svc_poll_netdri.pl’ and ‘svc_poll_www.pl’ are perl programs which polls your service messages and sends the interesting ones by email to an email address of your choice. By use of filtering rules configured for the program itself, possibly combined with filter rules in your email reader, you can control which service messages that are interesting for your usage.

By calling the poll script from a cron job, this polling can be done regularly and automatically.

  • Download and unpack the tar file (‘tar zxfv poll2email.tar.gz’)
  • See the README.TXT for further instructions.

More EPP software in the market

This list of EPP software is incomplete and provided as examples only.

Norid does not recommend any specific software. We do not make any guarantees on the quality of the products. All use of the products is at your own risk.

If you know more .no compliant EPP software, please tell us and we will be happy to include it to our list.

Net::DRI, a free software Domain Name Registry Interface
Language: Perl

Note: Norid has adapted this module to .no and offers it to .no registrars as a possible client API.

Language: Perl
EppClient .NET API
Language: .NET (developed in C#)

A commercial API developed for .no and .se. Can be extended to support other registries. Also offering a web client (see below).
See www.eppclient.no

Language: php
A complete application for registrars, which can be used as a common tool towards many registries
Support for a lot of registries.
Seems to be some license to pay.
Universal Registry Client
The Universal Registry Client is a desktop application which can be used to communicate with different domain name registries.
EppClient web client

A commercial web based client supporting .no and .se. Also offering a .NET API (see above).
See www.eppclient.no

Norid EPP Module for WHMCS

Contact person: Pål Andreas Tomter
Email: paal.andreas@domenetorget.no

Software Development Kits (SDK)
Verisign SDK
Language: Java/C++
Server side
Published 21 September 2015 • Last updated 30 April 2020