Draupne EPP test FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

This page collects some typical questions and answers related to testing agains Draupne.

Be sure to read this FAQ before you report a problem or post your questions to the ‘drupne-forum’ list or to Norid.

Q: When I try to connect to the test server, the server closes the connection when it receives a line feed.

A: The server expects correct EPP and XML according to the RFCs.

Every EPP-message must be started with a 32 bit header which specifies the length of the EPP-message. You can read more about this in chapter 4 in RFC4934, see http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4934#section-4. Unless this header is received, the server will internally report an ‘internal header’ and terminate the connection.

Known limitations in the Draupne registry test system

Due to practical limitations, the test system cannot run exactly as a live system. Thus some features behave differently.

This section will try to list the main differences:

  • Email notifications are not sent

This feature will be enabled at some point.

  • host-update

Name-server tests are not performed during a create.

  • Domain create

Name-server tests are not performed during a create.

  • Domain Transfer-with-Token

When a transfer-token is requested, the token should as default be sent to the registrants legal contact’s primary email-address. This sending is not yet performed. To perform transfers during testing, the token ‘simsalabim’ can be specified as the token.

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