EPP Web Client testing

Latest change

2010-02-24: Note that the service is moved to new address and new version of the test system.

Testing the EPP Web Client

The EPP-Client can be accessed here: https://eppclient.test.norid.no/

  • At the login screen, you must enter your test account user and password.
  • After the first login, we recommend that you change your password. A ‘Change Password’ operation is available through the Options menu up-right in the Client.
  • Javascript should be enabled. The client should work without Javascript. However, if you enable Javascript, you will find that both Contact and Domain objects have improved functionality.

Using the EPP Client

If you are familiar with the old email based registry system, you should find that the objects for host, contact, domain, domain bulk and service messages are quite easy and intuitive to maintain via the EPP-Client.

Also, when you need help, note that the client comes with extensive help-documentation. Check out the general help up right and also the help inside each tab.

Last updated 2015 or before