EPP testbed for registrars

Test your local EPP system

As of 2008-02-04, a registry test service is made available for the registrars.

Registry interface

A lot of information about the EPP registry is found on the main registry information area


For development purposes, you will need to read the Documentation of interface part, where you’ll find the XML-Schemas and other interface documentation.

EPP Certificates

Dependent on your software, you may need some local certificates to access the EPP services:

EPP certificates

Draupne EPP registry test server

The Draupne EPP test service is available at:

Host: epp.test.norid.no
Port: 700  (SSL/TLS)

To check if the EPP registry service is running, one can use the openssl command:
   openssl s_client -connect epp.test.norid.no:700

Or the telnet-ssl:
  telnet-ssl -z ssl epp.test.norid.no 700
If the EPP-greeting is returned, the connection is successful.

Published 21 September 2015 • Last updated 22 November 2019