Registrar Web testing

Latest change

2010-02-24: New service for test.

Testing the Registrar web

The Registrar web can be accessed here:

  • At the login screen, you must enter your test account registrar-id (‘reg123’ for REG123-NORID), username and password.

NOTE: If you are the first time user, the username ‘admin’ must be used, and the initial password is the same as your EPP test account password.

  • After the first login, we recommend that you change your password. A ‘Change Password’ operation is available through the Options menu up-right in the registrar web.
  • Javascript should be enabled. The registrar web should work without Javascript. However, if you enable Javascript, you can maintain registrar contact objects with some improved functionality.

Using the Registrar Web

First, make sure you have read the registrar web information at

When you log on to the registrar web, you should see the following tabs and pages:

  • Summary page

The front page is a simple summary page which shows current account status and also the most important settings.

  • Daily page

The Daily dumps page contains mainly the same type of dumps as the ‘old’ registrar web. The dumps are updated every night.

Here you will find dumps of your currently registered objects, and various other status and invoice information.

  • Admin tab and pages

Too see the Admin tab you need to be an admin user. If you are an admin user, you can enter the Admin tab where you can change most of your account settings.

On the Admin page a number of sub-tabs are available. On each sub page, a logically grouped subset of the possible settings are presented. Some can be edited, others are read-only and settable by the registry only, but they all concern your account and your possibilities.

The right-most sub-tab is the Users page. Here you can maintain your local users.

It is important that you log in regularly and make sure your settings are updated.

Finally, when you need help, note that the registrar web comes with extensive help-documentation. Check out the general help up right and also the help inside each tab.

Published 21 September 2015 • Last updated 27 October 2017