The registry system offers a number of interfaces and services intended for the registrars, and a couple of services intended for the public. You will find each service listed in the menu.

New registrars are encouraged to test them all and learn how to use them. Please see the testing page for details on how to try them out, provide feedback and report problems and errors.

Registrar services

The EPP registry service, the EPP web client, the Registrar web client and the Registrar whois are protected services. They are offered via a secure web server run by Norid. The registrars will need their own accounts to access these services.

The Registrar whois service and the public DAS service may also be used as a supplement to the EPP domain-check/domain-info lookup commands.

Public services

The Whois and DAS services are lookup services mainly intended for public use.

The PID-automat(person ID automat) is a service that provides personal identifiers for individual applicants.

The applicant declaration automat presents Norid’s terms and conditions to the domain holder (applicant), and lets them submit an electronic applicant declaration. It is a tool offered by Norid for registrars that do not have their own system for this.

Published 6 January 2015 • Last updated 26 June 2019