Registrar web client service

On the registrar web each registrar can maintain and inspect various data related to the registrar business. Each registrar is given an administrator account to use for login.

The registrar web is a mandatory service and must be used by all registrars. All registrars are expected to regularly logon and

  • maintain contact data, account data and other settings
  • monitor current status, for billing and the EPP channel
  • inspect the daily reports where registered EPP objects and other status information are available

The first time you logon to the registrar web as a new registrar, you should check all your registered data. These instructions take you through the registrar web, step by step.

Please note that the registrar web offers a number of tabs and pages. Comprehensive help is offered for each page, so please study the help pages carefully before asking for help.

Some mandatory attributes

The following data is mandatory:

  • A ‘Notify email’ address:

    This attribute is maintained in the ‘Admin/Operational’ page in the registrar web.

    An default notify email address to which the registrar wants to receive information from the registry.

    Emails can be sent to this address by the registry itself during processing of EPP transactions, or by Norid in case other contact information is not suited.

  • Published data:

    These attributes are maintained in the ‘Admin/Public Data’ page in the registrar web.

    The organization name, address and email address are mandatory fields. If not specified, the registrar web will use default values from the organization contact.

    The public data is published in the whois database on the registrar handle, and also on Norid’s list of registrars.

  • At least one IP address or IP address range:

    This attribute is maintained in the ‘Admin/Registry Access’ page in the registrar web.

    For extra security, Norid has activated an IP filter that only allows connections from registered IP addresses to access the test and production services. Thus it is required that each registrar must register all IP addresses of the equipment he intend to use to connect to his accounts. Both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are accepted.

    We recommend that registrars connect from static IP addresses only. Registrars who do not yet have static IP addresses should aquire some as soon as possible and start to use them to avoid future connection problems.

Published 10 July 2014 • Last updated 22 June 2019