Terms and conditions: use of the Registrar Whois

Note: This document has been translated from the Norwegian version at /no/registrar/system/tjenester/registrarwhois/vilkar. The Norwegian version is the master copy, and has precedence over the English translation if a conflict between the two should arise.

This document is valid from 26 February 2018.

According to the registrar agreement, clause 1 and clause 3.3, the registrar is obliged to adhere to the routines published on Norid’s website at any given time.

The Registrar Whois is a working tool for the registrars and for Norid, where the registrars receive access to customer data through a lookup service. The terms and conditions in this document and the technical description of Registrar Whois sets the limits for the use of the service.

Copyright (Intellectual Property Rights)

UNINETT Norid AS retains all Copyright to the lookup service, its contents, its layout and the underlying collections of data used in the service (c.f. Copyright Act (Act No. 2 of May 12, 1961, relating to Copyright in Literary, Scientific and Artistic Works)). Any and all use of the lookup service beyond what is allowed in this document is forbidden and may lead to legal pursuit, liability and criminal liability.

This is what you may use the service for

  1. The Registrar Whois shall only be used for customer service necessary to fulfill the agreement with the one applying for a domain, or the domain holder.
  2. The Registrar Whois shall be used for the registrar’s internal customer service, and for processing towards and interaction with Norid.
  3. The Registrar Whois and data from the Registrar Whois shall not be made available to the public, including via automated services.

Violation of these terms will count as a major breach of the registrar agreement, cf clause 7, fourth paragraph, and can lead to an immediate termination of the agreement. Use of data from the lookup service in violation of these terms may also result in legal pursuit.

Published 4 June 2018 • Last updated 22 June 2019