Check of administrative data on the registrar web

The first time you login to the registrar web as a new registrar, you should check all your registered data. This page takes you through the registrar web, step by step.

Check list


    Your admin user on the registrar web has received a link by email which should be used when logging in for the first time. By clicking on this link you can set the password for your admin user

    Check of registered data

    First you should check that all registered data is correct. Click on the tab ‘Admin’ and go through the following steps:

  1. Organizational

    Check contact data for:

    • The organization
    • Legal contact
    • Billing contact
    • Technical contact

  2. Operational

    • Check that the registered data is correct.
    • If you want to be alerted when your balance reaches a lower limit you can set your chosen amount in the field ‘Balance low value’ and an email address in the field ‘Balance low email’.

  3. Accounting

    • Check that the account information is correct, or add the correct information if this is missing.
    • If you want invoices from Norid to be marked with a special reference, this can be added to the field ‘Mark invoices with’.

  4. Public Data

    • Check the data that will be published in the whois database and the list of registrars. Unless otherwise stated, the compulsory fields will be filled with data from the contact information registrered for the organization. The fields for web address, phone and fax number are optional.
    • You can choose whether you want to offer services to private individuals by setting the value of the field ‘Registrar for individual holders’ to ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The set value will be reflected on the registrar list.

  5. Email Lists

    • Check your email list subscriptions and add new ones if necessary.

  6. Registry Access

    • Check that all IP-addresses for access to the registrar web and EPP are registered. Add new ones if necessary. It is also possible to add IP address blocks.
    • Click on ‘Change EPP Channel Password’ to set your EPP password.

  7. Users

    • Click search to see registered users. Make sure that the email address to the admin user is correct. It is important that this address is updated in case you need to reset the password to the registrar web.
    • You can add more users by clicking on ‘+’ next to ‘Username’. You can choose whether the new user should have admin rights or not.
  8. If the admin user forgets the password, Norid has to be contacted. For all other registered users, a user with admin rights can reset the password.


    Under this tab you will find information about all domains in your account, as well as renewal and billing. It can be useful to familiarise yourself with the content so you know what kind of data is available.

Last updated 20 November 2017