New data model – implementation project

The project has been finalized. The new data model has been in production since 5 May 2018.

Norid will make some changes to the registration system data model. The proposed changes to the data model have been discussed with the registrar association Dot-Enno, they were presented at the registrar seminar on April 26, and they have been through a consultation round with the registrars.

The adopted data model:

After a thorough assessment, where all comments from registrars was considered, changes to the data model were adopted in June 2017.

The changes will be those already described in the proposed changes to the data model, except that the abuse contact will not be introduced this time, neither for domains nor registrars.

Mandatory AuthInfo will be introduced in September 2017, but is not included in this project. Information about this change will be announced separately.

  • 2017-11-30: A change in the data model has been decided. It will be a requirement that all technical contacts for delegations and name servers are role contacts. Relevant interface documentation is updated.

  • 2017-12-05: A detailed description (in English) of the changes are published, see Datamodell-revidert-en-v2.pdf

This project:

This implementation project will implement the adopted data model changes and put them into production.

The objective of the project is to have a new data model in production before new GDPR legislation comes into force from May 2018.

Consequences for the systems:

The new data model will require some minor changes to how the EPP interface is used, as well as in the policy rules which are enforced during EPP operations. In addition, the Whois interface will be slightly changed.

These changes will require adaptations also in the registrar’s systems, and the project must therefore give the registrars sufficient time to make the necessary changes.

Norid will update both the EPP client and the Whois service to support the changes.


Published 10 May 2017 • Last updated 6 June 2018