Domain name service (DNS) for .no

Norid operates the domain name service for the .no zone and also for the approximately 790 sublevel zones defined by the policy.

The service is updated regularly with zone file data from Norid’s database, and is used by users worldwide when they perform DNS lookup for .no domains.

The service tells which name servers are authoritative at any given time for each zone that Norid manages itself, like the .no zone and the sublevel zones, and also for all other domains (zones) that are registered in Norid’s database.

This is done achieved as Norid regularly generates zone files for the .no zone and all sublevel zones, and publishes them in the Norid name service. The zone files contain NS records, and also associated A/AAAA records (glue records) when needed, for the authoritative nameservers.

Which sublevel zones that Norid manages are defined in the policy, Appendixes A, B and C.

The name service is designed to be extremly robust. This is achieved by implementing it as a mixture of Unicast and Anycast-structures, which results in a large number of physical machines, which are geographically and networkwise dispered around the world. The service is delivered partly by external and independent suppliers and partly by Norid.

The service also supports zones and domains that are secured with DNSSEC.

Published 18 December 2014 • Last updated 22 June 2019