Email list for DNSSEC

A special email list has been defined which will be used to distribute information relevant to the operation of DNSSEC for .no.

The list is named, and is formally defined in chapter 2.1 in the DPS document.

Messages wil be sent to the list if special events have occured which need to be communicated. It will also be used for notification of planned changes, such as KSK key rollovers.

The list is intended as a pure information channel for Norid, and no one else will be allowed to post to the list.

How to see the list contents?

The list is open for anyone who is interested in information relevant to the operation of DNSSEC for .no. You don’t need to be a member to see the contents.

The archive containing all sent messages can be found here.

Who should be a list member?

Anyone who is interested in a copy of new messages when they are sent can join the list.

Registrars who handle DNSSEC should in Norids opinion be members. Therefore, when a registrar requests to be ‘DNSSEC enabled’, he is also added to this list. If a registrar has other personell which is not covered by the registrar list, feel free to add them.

Name server operators who are running DNSSEC-validating resolvers, should be especially interested in the information, and are encouraged to join the list.

How to join the list?

Click here subscribe and unsubscribe.

  • Use «Subscribe» in left menu to join.
  • Use «Unsubscribe» in left menu to unsubscribe.
Published 18 November 2015 • Last updated 26 June 2019