Services overview

Norid operates a number of technical services which are available for external users. A brief description of each service is given below, while additional details about each service is available via the links on the right.

Domain name registration for .no
All domain registrations are performed via this service. A subscriber can not register a domain by contacting Norid directly, but must do so through a registrar. The registrar uses a separate access to a closed registration service to perform the updates needed towards the Norid database.
Domain name service (DNS) for .no
Norid operates the domain name service for the .no zone and for the approximately 790 sublevel zones defined in the policy.

The service is updated regularly with zone file data from Norid’s database, and is used by users worldwide when they perform DNS lookups for .no domains.

DNS test
This is a web based service where you can check whether the name servers (DNS) are correctly configured for a domain that you want to register or update with Norid.

The service can be used by everyone. It is primariliy intended for domain name operators to check whether the name service is correctly configured for a domain.

  • If the test is flawless, the registrar can be requested to perform the registration/update towards Norid, and the operation will most likely be accepted.

  • If the test returns an error, this should be corrected. If not, it is likely that the registration/update towards Norid’s system will also fail.

Whois lookup
Here you can lookup which data are registered for a domain in Norid’s database.

The service is available in two variants, a direct service for use by a Whois client which connects directly to service (at port 43), and a web based proxy which provides a more user-friendly interface.

Is the domain available (DAS)
Here you can check whether a domain name is permitted and available for registration. The service also referred to as DAS (Domain Availibility Service).

The service is available in two variants, a direct service for use by a Whois-/DAS-/Finger-client as which connects directly to the service (at port 79), and a web based proxy which provides a more user friendly interface.

PID automat
A private person who wants to register a domain name must first create an anonymous personal indicator (PID) which must used in connection with the domain registration. This service creates a PID.
Applicant’s declaration automat
Before a domain can be registered, the applicant need to submit an Applicant’s declaration. The declaration may be submitted via Norid’s Applicant’s declaration automat. Some registrars use Norid’s automat, while other registrars have their own system for submitting the declaration.
ACE conversion
When a domain name contains national characters (like ‘æ’, ‘ø’, ‘å’), the name must be converted into an ASCII representation (called ACE) before it can be configured into a name server (DNS). The reason is that DNS allows only standard ASCII characters in domain names.

This service converts a domain name with national characters to the same name represented by the ACE-form.

Published 18 December 2014 • Last updated 22 June 2019