Norid: EPP XML sequence examples

EPP XML sequence examples

This page shows examples on EPP XML sequences between an EPP-client and the EPP server.

Change history

  • Updated 2018-08-07: Updated three of the sequences to show the use of newest applicant declaration version 3.0:

    Note that other examples may use version 2.0, but in practice 2.0 may be rejected. If so, just use 3.0 instead.

  • Updated 2018-05-14: Updated. Sequences for the new data model are now the standard ones, and sequences for the old model are removed. Thus the number of sequences are reduced.

  • Updated 2017-11-30: The XML-sequences for new data model are updated to use only roles as tech contacts, according to the adjusted new data model from this date.

  • Updated 2017-11-01: Added new example sequences to describe the sequences that are valid for the new data model which are introduced in 2017/2018.

    Note: During the announced transition period, both old and new sequences are allowed. After the transition period, only the new model sequences will be permitted.

  • Updated 2014-12-10: Fixed delete sequence to show the correct sequence without pending

  • Updated 2014-04-29: Updated normal lottery mode examples for private domains, and some other cleanups.

  • Updated 2014-01-24: Added a number of DNSSEC example sequences.

  • Updated 2012-08-15: Added case 3) to the ‘Domain transfer’ example sequence, to illustrate transfer with renew. Needed for transfer of an expired domain.

  • Updated 2012-06-05: Added five more example sequences for the no-ext-domain-1.1 extension for the applicantDataset.

The examples are mostly dumped by using the Net::DRI command line client developed for .NO, but for service messages also the EPP web client and it’s logging features has been used.

Note: The sequences contain example data only.

Example sequences

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