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This section contains information about how DNS (the domain name system) works, both in general and for .no in particular, including name server requirements, procedures for zone file production and information about the security mechanism DNSSEC.

The name service

Norid operates the name service for the .no zone, as well as for the approx. 790 official subzones we manage. The service is updated regularly with zone file data from our database. Users from all over the world use this service when they perform DNS lookups for Norwegian domain names.

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Zone file production

Zone files for the .no zone and related sub-zones are generated automatically every other hour and then published in Norid’s name service. The files are generated at 00:00, 02:00, etc. (local time) around the clock, every day.

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DNSSEC for .no

DNSSEC (DNS Security Extensions) is a security mechanism that is added to the domain name system. With DNSSEC, responses to a domain look-up are signed, so that it is possible to verify that they are coming from the correct source and have not been changed along the way.

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