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All domain name subscriptions that Norid assigns or extends based on orders from you as a registrar, generates a fee of NOK 65 plus VAT. Fees for all new and extended domain name subscriptions during a calendar month are included on an invoice that is sent out on the first working day of the following month.


For each domain name subscription that Norid assigns or extends based on orders from you as a registrar, you must pay a subscription fee to Norid.

On the first working day of each month you will be invoiced for all new and extended domain name subscriptions in the previous month.

On the invoice you can see how many new and extended subscriptions you must pay for. A list specifying the domain names can be found on the registrar web in the meny Economy and Invoice Archive.

The deadline for payment is 14 days.

Billing address

The invoice is addressed to the billing address registered on the registrar web in the meny Economy. The invoice is sent to the email address registered on the billing address.

If you wish to have the invoice marked with a specific reference, you can add this in Mark invoices with.

You can log into the registrar web and update the billing address when needed.

Copy of invoices

You can download PDF copies of invoices from the registrar web. The invoice archive can be found in the meny Economy.

Please note that invoice copies from February 2021 to October 2021 are not available from the registrar web. If you need a copy from this period, please contact us on

Consequences of defaulting on payment

If an invoice has not been paid by the due date, interest on arrears will accrue as well as late fees according to the Norwegian Act relating to Interest on Overdue Payments and the Norwegian Debt Collection Act. At the same time you will be given a final notice before you loose access to Norid's systems.

If the amount owed has not been paid in its entirety by the expiry of the deadline in the notice, Norid will block your system access without further notice. This means among other things that you no longer will be able to order or extend domain name subscriptions. Norid will also pass the case to debt collection. In order to have system access restored, you must pay Norid’s claim in its entirety and an administrative fee of NOK 6,250 incl. VAT.

Read more about consequences of defaulting on payment in the registrar agreement.

Annual registrar fee

As a registrar you must pay for at least 100 domain name subscriptions each calendar year.

If you do not order or extend 100 domain name subscriptions in the first full calendar year or in a later calendar years you must pay an annual registrar fee.

The annual registrar fee corresponds to the difference between the sum of 100 subscription fees and the amount that you have actually paid in fees for ordered and extended domain name subscriptions during the calendar year.

This does not apply for year when the registrar agreement is entered into.

Published: 24 April 2020
Updated: 1 April 2023