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Does your company want to become a provider for Norid? Read more about what the requirements are, what this responsibility entails and how to apply.

Providers play an important role

As a provider, you are the intermediary between Norid and domain holders. Holders cannot order a domain name directly with us, and providers therefore play a very important role in the Norwegian domain name scheme. Your role as provider is to contribute to smooth and effective operation of the domain name system in accordance with relevant regulations and to ensure that domain holders get the help they need quickly and efficiently.

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Requirements for becoming a provider

  • You have to operate a business with the necessary technical competence. What this specifically entails will depend on which services you provide yourself and which services you acquire from others. At minimum, you must in any event have sufficient technical competence to perform common tasks in our registration system. Gain an overview of these tasks by completing the provider test.
  • You also need to be administratively competent. This means you must have systems in place for communication and customer follow-up, as well as appropriate procedures for billing and accounting.
  • Providers are independent data controllers under the GDPR, and you must satisfy relevant requirements in this regard.
  • You must maintain a minimum level of annual activity related to domain management. This requirement serves to ensure the best possible quality of the service.

Read the agreement providers sign with us.

How to apply

You apply by sending an email to We will then send you the agreement documents. The documents will be sent via regular mail, so you must provide a mailing address. We will process your application as soon as you return the signed agreement.

How to get started

At start-up, there is an administrative fee of NOK 6,250 incl. VAT. In addition, you must deposit a certain amount, intended to cover your estimated volume of new registrations, renewals and transfers. (You will be billed NOK 75 incl. VAT for each such transaction.) You must also pass a test where you perform the most common tasks in our registration system, which all of our providers are required to use.

Communication with Norid

Good communication between the providers and Norid is essential for the scheme to run smoothly. This includes the training and guidance provided by Norid at the beginning and it also includes regular communication back and forth thereafter.

Daily communication takes place via email or phone. Our first-line team handles most of the enquiries that come in, and they will forward enquiries if needed.

On the website, subscribers and the general public should be able to find answers to any questions they may have about domain names. Similarly, technical specialists should be able to find the answers they need on our technical web. In addition, domain providers can log in to the provider web to access data related to their own domain portfolios.

Email list for providers

The email list is a primary channel for regular information from Norid to providers. All providers must be signed up with at least one email address to receive emails from this list.

Important information concerning changes to the registration system, amendments to relevant regulation, new procedures, etc. will be sent out using this list. The messages are also posted on the technical web and archived.

Providers can add or remove members to the list at their discretion. You must have at least one email address subscribed, but we recommend that you add all employees whose responsibilities are related to domain services (technical support, accounting, legal, etc.). Manage your settings on the provider web.

Should I become a provider?

Domain names are often critical services for your customers. Taking on this responsibility is a serious commitment, and you need to make sure you have the right technical and administrative qualifications.

Various motivations

We work with approx. 350 different domain providers, and they all have different motivations for wanting to take on this service. Some engage in large-scale registrar activity and believe they can make a good profit. Others want to expand the services they offer to their customers to include domain names in addition to other services. Some providers offer domain services to all kinds of customers, whereas others only have in-house customers.

We recommend that you take stock of what your primary motivations are. You have to meet relevant requirements, and we follow up with training and guidance. At the same time, we also keep an eye on providers who are not doing their part. Domain name holders are completely at the mercy of their providers, and we cannot accept providers who do not do their job properly, and cause problems for their customers as a result.

What other options are there?

If you don’t want to take on full responsibility as a provider, you may want to consider partnering with an existing provider who already has all the formal requirements in place. There are many different business models in this field, and we don’t have any preferences one way or the other. Our primary concern is that you have a clear and well-structured contractual relationship with both your customer and the provider you choose to work with.

List of providers

Published: 22 April 2020
Updated: 17 February 2021