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Here you will find specifications for all systems and tools needed to develop and integrate your own solutions with Norid's systems.

EPP server

Norid’s registration system consists of a database and an interface registrars use to enter and update data in the database. We use the communication protocol EPP for the interface. EPP is a standard protocol used by a majority of registration services world-wide.

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Registrar whois

The registrar whois is a closed whois service for Norid’s registrars only. This service gives registrars access to necessary customer data, including data that, for privacy reasons, has been excluded from the lookup service available to the general public.

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The whois service

The whois service is a service where the general public can look up and find registered information about a domain name. The whois service has largely been phased out in favour of the public service, and also returns less data.

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RDAP service

RDAP is a lookup service for domain data. The letters stand for Registration Data Access Protocol. Norid’s RDAP service is based on the international RDAP protocol. The service is designed as a REST-API and is therefore well suited for automated lookups.

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