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As a domain provider, you sign an agreement with us. The agreement regulates your responsibilities and your obligations to the holders, as well as your collaboration with us. On this page, you can access the agreement itself and read more about how to transfer and terminate the agreement.


Here you can read the text of the current provider agreement.


Provider agreement (English translation)


The agreement texts are published for your information only. We will send you the actual agreement document after we receive your application. The agreement must be signed by both parties.

Transfer the agreement to another business enterprise

As a norm, a provider agreement cannot be transferred to another business enterprise. However, if your organization changes as a result of a merger or a change in business organization, it may be possible to transfer the agreement. Submit an application, including a certificate of registration, to where you document that your circumstances concern a merger or change in business organization.

In cases where your services as a domain provider will continue in a completely new enterprise, you must sign a new agreement in the ordinary way. Domain names are transferred when the new agreement is in place.

Terminate the agreement

The agreement may be terminated by either the provider or by Norid. The termination must be made in writing.

If you want to terminate the agreement, send a notice of termination either by email or regular mail. Specify a bank account number for settlement of your account.

The agreement can be terminated with one month’s notice. During the period of notice, we expect you to inform your customers of the situation and help them find a new provider.

If a provider fails to comply with the terms of the agreement, we would normally reach out and help the provider remedy the situation. In case of serious breach of contract, we may terminate the agreement.

Published: 22 April 2020
Updated: 13 August 2020