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The registrar test consist of three parts. The first part is a theoretical test, the second part is a test of routines for maintenance of the registrar’s own data on the registrar web (log-in solution), and the third part is a review of the most common procedures for the registration and maintenance of domain names (log-in solution, EPP).

The theoretical part of the test is in Microsoft Forms. The two last parts are practical and are performed in a test system, where each registrar has been provided with two test accounts. The test system is identical to the production system, with the exception that DNS testing has been disabled and that the system will not issue emails. Your chosen EPP solution does not affect your ability to complete the test. We estimate that the test will take 1–2 hours to complete.

As a minimum, at least one employee of each registrar must complete and pass the test in order for the registrar to gain access to the registration system. However, we recommend that all employees who will be handling domain names complete the test, and that they take the test again if they have not worked with domains for an extended period of time.

How to complete the test

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    This part of the test consist of questions with three options each. All questions must be answered correctly in order to pass this part of the test. It is possible to take the test several times.

    The test takes place in Microsoft Forms. The link to the test is updated occasionally. If you have a link that does not work, please contact us on
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If you take the test as a part of the application process to become a new registrar

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    It is also possible to send an email to from your own email client to let us know that the test has been completed. Remember to state your registrar ID in the subject field and state which dates you did the test.

    You must also state the name of the person who completed the test.
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If you get stuck during the practical part of the test

There are guides available for each assignment. You will get an error message if you do something wrong. Read the message carefully, check the guide and try again. Guides and error messages are available in both Norwegian and English. In addition, there are detailed guides and help texts available for both the registration system and the registrar web.

Contact us at or telephone +47 73 55 73 55 if you encounter something you are unable to solve.

Good luck!

Published: 24 April 2020
Updated: 24 May 2023