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Read more about what it means to be a registrar, what the requirements are and how to become a registrar. Find out whether you should try to become a registrar at all, and what your options are.

How to become a registrar

Does your company want to become a registrar for Norid? Read more about what the requirements are, what this responsibility entails and how to apply. Registrars play an important role As a registrar, you are the intermediary between Norid and domain holders. Holders cannot order a domain name directly with us, and registrars therefore play …

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Welcome to the registrar test

The registrar test consist of three parts. The first part is a theoretical test, the second part is a test of routines for maintenance of the registrar’s own data on the registrar web (log-in solution), and the third part is a review of the most common procedures for the registration and maintenance of domain names (log-in solution, EPP).

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Registrar agreement

As a registrar, you sign an agreement with us. The agreement regulates your responsibilities and your obligations to the subscribers, as well as your collaboration with us. On this page, you can access the agreement itself and read more about how to transfer and terminate the agreement.

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