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  • What happens with domain names during a complaint to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee
As a registrar, you have an important role to play if you get a customer who has succeeded with a complaint to the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. When the committee renders its ruling, the customer has 15 business days to have the domain name transferred to them. If this deadline is not met, your customer will lose their rights to get the domain name transferred.

In these cases, Norid will transfer the domain name to the new holder. The new holder must choose a registrar, and you must confirm to us that you accept the assignment as registrar. It then becomes your responsibility to configure name servers and any other objects needed, and send us a message.

Locking the domain name and subscription during the complaint process

When the secretariat forwards a complaint to the domain subscriber, the domain name becomes locked against the following operations:

  • ordered deletion (it can still expire)
  • change of holder
  • new registration 

The lock is removed when the ADR Committee's decision is implemented by Norid.

How to transfer a domain name to a new holder after a successful complaint

The customer receives the committee’s ruling and is informed of how to proceed:

  • The customer must submit the ordinary personal declaration.
  • Once the customer has completed the form, they will receive an email from us, instructing them to forward the email in its entirety to
  • Then, they must contact a registrar (we include a link to the list of registrars).
  • The email with information from us must be forwarded to the registrar.

When you receive this type of request, you must submit the following information to us via email to

  • contact information for the domain name holder
  • contact information for the technical contact
  • specifications for the name servers handling the domain name (at least 2)

If all requirements are met, we will transfer the domain name 7 business days after the ADR decision was made. If all the necessary steps have not been completed within 15 business days, the order of transfer for the domain name is no longer valid. The block on the domain name will be lifted, and the original holder will once again be in control of the domain name. A transfer of the domain name must then be approved by the holder in the normal manner.

As you can see, the customer only has a limited time to complete the transfer and will lose their rights if this deadline is not met. If anything is unclear in connection with this type of transfer, please contact us immediately at to avoid any delays.

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Published: 4 June 2020
Updated: 17 June 2021