Norid AS

Abels gt. 5, Teknobyen

Phone +47 73 55 73 55

Norid operates the name service for the .no zone, as well as for the approx. 790 official subzones we manage. The service is updated regularly with zone file data from our database. Users from all over the world use this service when they perform DNS lookups for Norwegian domain names.

About the name service for .no 

The service provides information about which name servers are authoritative for each Norid-managed zone at all times, such as the .no zone and some sub-zones, as well as for all other domain names (zones) registered in the database. We do this by regularly generating zone files for the .no zone and all sub-zones, and publishing these on our name service. The zone files contain NS records, as well as associated A/AAAA records (glue records), when required for the authoritative name servers.

The name service itself is designed to be very robust. This robustness is achieved by implementing it with a mix of unicast and anycast structures, which in turn ensures many different physical name servers that are geographically and network-wise distributed all across the world. The service is provided in part by external and independent providers and in part by Norid itself.

The service also supports zones and domain names secured with DNSSEC.

Name server requirements

The name servers must be configured and technically operational before you can register or perform maintenance on a domain name. Check this in the DNS check service.

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DNS lookup tools is a page with a list of good lookup tools for looking up DNS and DNSSEC data for a domain name. 

This is how DNS works (video)

Domain conflicts in the legal system is a guide primarily aimed at lawyers. It does however contain useful information about how the domain name system is composed, and what measures can be taken in the DNS with regard to unwanted online content - and the consequences these measures may have.

Published: 18 December 2014
Updated: 24 May 2023