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Zone files for the .no zone and related sub-zones are generated automatically every other hour and then published in Norid’s name service. The files are generated at 00:00, 02:00, etc. (local time) around the clock, every day.

It takes approx. half an hour to complete the publishing of zone files and make them available on the name servers. Only zones with actual changes are republished after each generation.

If files are not published as scheduled

In order to ensure that only error-free and consistent zone files are published in DNS, we perform a large number of automatic tests before the actual publication.

These tests include comprehensive verification of both DNS and DNSSEC data. If we discover inconsistent data or that the number of records that need to be changed in a zone file is exceeding an upper resp. lower limit value, the automatic publishing process will be interrupted, and an internal error message will be generated. We then have to manually go through the records to find what triggered the error, solve the problem and initiate automatic publishing mode again.

This strategy was chosen to prevent publication of zone files with errors or with an unusually high number of changes.

If this problem arises within ordinary working hours, it will normally be resolved relatively quickly. If it arises outside ordinary working hours, it may take a little bit longer to resolve.

Published: 18 December 2014
Updated: 15 June 2023