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Domain name subscribers are free to find a new registrar whenever they want. Your responsibility is to make sure the transfer is as smooth as possible, without problems or delays, regardless of whether you are the old registrar or the new.

When you are transferring a domain name subscription from another registrar to your account, you can do it with a transfer code or a one-time code.

Transfer code: The subscriber receives the transfer code from the current registrar and gives it to the new registrar. The transfer code may only be set and changed by the current registrar of the domain name subscription.

One-time code: a one-time code is requested by the new registrar and sent by email to the subscriber. When a one-time code is requested the current registrar must help the subscriber to update the email address if necessary.

Regardless of the method used, the current registrar must within five working days and at no charge assist the subscriber in changing to another registrar.

Transfer using a transfer code

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Transfer using a one-time code

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    The code is sent to the subscriber's primary email address. You can choose to have it sent to an alternative email address registered on the subscriber instead.
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When neither transfer code nor one-time code is available

If all contacts are unavailable, and the one-time code does not reach the subscriber, Norid can manually add a new email address as the point of contact for the domain subscription.

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    The following documentation is necessary:
    - certificate of incorporation (firmaattest)
    - a copy of ID for one of the persons who have the right to sign for the company, as noted on the certificate of incorporation (redact the last five numbers of the birth number (fødselsnummer))
    - private individuals: a copy of official ID, e.g. passport or driver's license (redact the last five numbers of the birth number (fødselsnummer))
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Acquire a domain name subscription left without a registrar

Sometimes subscriptions are not associated with a registrar and are left with the registrar ID REG0. The transfer codes for these subscriptions were deleted when the registrar renounced registrar liability for the domains. In these cases, you must initiate a regular transfer command and leave the field for the transfer code (AuthInfo) blank

If you are acquiring an expired domain name, you need to confirm that you want to extend the domain name subscription (renew domain name), while also retrieving the subscription from REG0. This is done as part of the transfer procedure.

Published: 23 April 2020
Updated: 22 June 2023