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The domain name holder consents to the terms and conditions by signing a declaration in a fixed format. This must be done before the domain name application is submitted to us.

The applicant's declaration is signed electronically. If you do not have a dedicated system for this, you can use our tool. In any case, the holder must be provided with a copy of the completed declaration, cf. Section 11 of the Electronic Commerce Act.

When a domain name is transferred to a new holder, the new holder must sign a new applicant's declaration.

As the registrar, it is your responsibility to authenticate the customer and verify that the person requesting a registration or transfer is acting on behalf of the domain name holder. 

Sign the declaration using Norid's tool

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    Also verify that the person signing the declaration is representing the applicant. If the applicant is a private individual, they sign on their own behalf.
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Sign the declaration using your own tools

You must use the applicant's declaration version specified in the applicant's declaration specification, which is posted on our website. The same version is used for both organizations and private individuals. This version must be used in order for the declaration to be valid; older versions will be rejected.

Verify that:

  • the correct domain name has been specified
  • organization name and number are correct
  • personal ID has been specified when the request is made by a private individual
  • the declaration is date-stamped
  • the correct version number has been used
  • the person submitting the declaration is a representative of the domain name holder (when private individuals submit a request, the holder will personally sign the declaration)

Submit the data set as part of the domain:create command in EPP.

Published: 23 April 2020
Updated: 29 April 2021