Norid AS

Abels gt. 5, Teknobyen

Phone +47 73 55 73 55

DAS is an acronym for Domain Availability Service. In Norwegian, this service is called Finn ledig domenenavn.

This is a service where anyone can look up a domain name and see if it is available for registration. A request will yield one of three possible results:

  • The domain name is available for registration.
  • The domain name is already registered.
  • The domain name cannot be registered.


The service is available at:

Port: 79

For the web proxy, go to Find an available domain name. Rate limiting applies.


The test service is available at:

Port: 79

Example of use (requires that you have a finger client installed):


Will indicate whether or not the domain is registered.

Same example, now in a whois client that connects to port 79:

whois -p 79 -h

If you are looking up an IDN domain, you must use whois UTF-8 syntax to specify a UTF-8 character set:

whois -p 79 -h -- -c utf-8 ole-žóòôöšŧüžon-æøå.no

Technical documentation

Interface document for whois and DAS
2018-08-10: Rev. 10e1 with adjusted pretext, see Document History for description.
2018-05-23: Rev. 9e1 for new data model and GDPR, see Document History for description.
This document describes the interface for both whois and DAS.
Download Whois DAS Interface Specification v10e1 (PDF, 220KB)
Published: 8 July 2020
Updated: 17 February 2021