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Private individuals must create a personal ID before they can register a domain name. The purpose of this procedure is to protect the domain name holder's national identity number. The holder must personally create the personal ID using our tool.

Personal IDs are used to register and follow up on private domain names, and are stored in our regular customer database. Each person is assigned a personal ID, which follows the person through all future procedures related to the management of their private domain name.

First time registration

When a person does this for the first time, they must enter:

  • National identity number (11 digits) 
  • Full name, as registered in the National Population Register
  • A valid email address

This information is checked against the National Population Register. If the information is correct, a personal ID is generated. If not, the customer sees an error message.

Please note that only regular national identity numbers are accepted. D- and H-numbers are not accepted.

If the holder changes their name

  • The holder must enter the national identity number and the new name in the tool.
  • If the national identity number is already registered and the name is different from the name registered for this national identity number, the tool will presume that the holder wants to change their name. If the new name matches what is registered in the National Population Register, the personal ID register is updated with the new name.
  • You can then update the holder's contact object via EPP.

Personal data and privacy

Under the Personal Data Act, the data processor must be specified for any and all collection of personal data. This means that our interface must not be hidden if you, as the registrar, integrate our tool in your own applications. Read about how we process customer data.

To prevent someone using this tool to look up the national identity number of others, we monitor all lookups. It is therefore very important that registrars do not test the tool in the production system, but instead use the test system.

Published: 23 April 2020
Updated: 31 October 2022