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This section presents a list of available EPP software.

EPP software developed by Norid

Net-DRI for .no
Release date 2020-04-30: Download Net-DRI-0.96.13_0002 (GZ,591KB) .
0.96_13 DEV from CPAN with adjustments for Norid’s EPP service.
See Changes file for details.

This is a powerful and commonly used EPP API module. Norid has added support for .no in this module. The module supports 1.0 and 1.1 versions of XML schemas. It includes some changes compared to the 0.96_13 DEV version on CPAN. While waiting for these changes to be included in the next Net-DRI version and published on CPAN, it can be downloaded here.

The module also includes source code for a simple command line-based EPP client, which can be found in the eg/ catalog. Norid developed these for internal DRI testing only, but it may be used as an example of a client of this type, or as an example of how Net::DRI Api can be used against .no.

Go to the Net::DRI-modulen on CPAN to read more.
Norid’s EPP client
2021-10-07: The source code for the Norid EPP client is no longer published. The registrars will need to use the version offered by Norid.
Perl applications for automatic polling of service messages and e-mail notifications
Release date: 21/10/2011: Download poll2email (GZ, 4KB)
Updated 2012-08-07: Updated to handle login-token and poll/ack-token. Both applications updated to handle empty filter list.

Some providers want to be able to receive e-mail notifications in certain circumstances. The EPP channel is the primary channel for notifications, but we have chosen to offer two different and simple polling applications to meet requests for e-mail notifications: and are Perl applications that poll the queue of service messages and forward relevant ones via e-mail to a configurable e-mail address. By configuring specific filtration rules in the polling script, preferably in combination with additional filtering rules in your e-mail client, relevant messages can be selected and sorted.

By calling the polling script from a CRON job, the polling can be made regular and fully automatic.

Download and unpack the TAR file using the command tar zxfv poll2email.tar.gz. See the README.TXT file for a description of further use.

EPP software developed by others

The list below of EPP software is incomplete and lists only a few examples. We do not guarantee the quality of any of these products, nor do we recommend any specific software. Use these products at your own risk.

If you know of other EPP software that can be used with .no, please let us know by sending an e-mail to, so we can put it on the list.

Net::DRI, free software with interface for domain registration
Language: Perl 
Please note: Norid has adapted this module to .no and is making it available to providers as a potential client API.

Language: Perl

EppClient .NET API
Language: .NET (Developed in C#)
A commercial API developed for .no and .se, with the option of extending to other registers. Web client also available (see below). Read more on the home page.

Offers JSON-API.
Language: php
A complete application that can be used as a common tool against multiple registration services. A licence may be required.

Universal Registry Client
Universal Registry Client is a desktop application that can be used for communication with various registration services.

EppClient web client
A commercial, web-based client that supports .no and .se. NET API also available (see above).
Read more on the home page.

Norid EPP Module for WHMCS
Contact person: Pål Andreas Tomter

EPP software, fully supports EPP integration with .no. JSON-API also available.
Software Development Kits – SDK
Verisign SDK
Language: Java/C++
Server side
Published: 22 April 2020
Updated: 7 October 2021