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Norid’s EPP server uses an SSL server certificate, similar to a regular web server.

Certificate used

TERENA SSL High Assurance CA 3

The certificate can be downloaded here.


The certificate is sent to the client as part of the SSL protocol at connection. The client then validates the certificate against the TERENA SSL High Assurance CA 3 certificate.

This is the certificate you need to use to validate the EPP server’s server certificate. On DigiCert’s website, this is available in two formats, der and pem. Which format you need will depend on the software of your client. 

The TERENA SSL High Assurance CA 3 certificate is the same for both the test system and the production system. If you are able to connect to the test system, you should, in principle, also be able to connect to the production system without adding additional certificates.

Please also note that our server does not require a certificate. It offers a certificate your client may choose to validate. If so, your client must have the TERENA SSL High Assurance CA 3 certificate, which it will use to validate our certificate against.

Published: 15 October 2010
Updated: 20 August 2020