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The provider whois is a tool for providers and Norid, where providers get access to customer data in lookups. The terms and conditions outlined in this document and in the technical description of the provider whois defines the terms of use for this service. These terms are valid from 26/02/2018.

Under articles 1 and 3.3 of the provider agreement, providers must comply with the rules and procedures defined by Norid on their website at any time.


Norid AS owns the copyright to the lookup service, as well as any and all content, layout and underlying data used in the service (cf. Act relating to Copyright of 02 May 1961 no. 2). Any and all use of the lookup service beyond what is permitted below is prohibited and may be subject to legal action, liability in damages and or criminal liability.

This is what you may use this service for

  1. The provider whois must only be used for customer processing necessary to fulfil the contract with the party who is either registering a domain name or is a subscriber.
  2. The provider whois shall be used for the provider’s internal customer processing and for processing related to and communication involving Norid.
  3. The provider whois and information from the provider whois must not be published or otherwise made available to the public, and this includes automated services.

Any and all violation of these terms will be considered material breach of the provider agreement, cf. Article 7, fourth paragraph, and may lead to immediate termination of the agreement. Any and all use of data from the service in conflict with its terms and conditions may also be subject to legal action.

Published: 4 June 2018
Updated: 26 August 2020