Norid will update the software for the registrar web on Tuesday 14/9-2021, in the period 08:00 to 10:00, CET.

The registrar web will be down for a few minutes during the update.

There will be a few changes that will be visible to the registrars, those are:

  • In the Summary tab: In the top 'Status data' block, a new information line which shows the number and percentage of signed domains is added.
  • In the Daily tab: The domain list has changed content somewhat. New header information about the number of signed domains has been added. Information in the header about paper based declarations has been removed. In addition, the authInfo column has been removed, as it no longer displays any useful information. Registrars who have a script that processes the domain list may need to adjust the program a bit.
Published: 7 September 2021