On 23 May the domains within the second-level category domains kommune.no and herad.no were transferred to Norid's database. The data belonging to the registrations are primarily based on the information we received from KS. 

The following data were received from KS for each domain registration:

  • Name of holder, organization number, postal address, phone number and email address 
  • The legal contact person's name and email address (the chief municipal executive ("rådmann")
  • Name servers for the domain 

Where data is missing

Some data was missing. In those instances we have collected information from other sources where possible.  

  • Missing data about Stokke kommune was collected from the Brønnøysund Register Centre 
  • Missing glue records were collected from DNS lookups for
    • akershus-f.kommune.no, snipp.akershus-f.kommune.no
    • karmoy.kommune.no, ns2.karmoy.kommune.no, ns.randaberg.kommune.no.
    • stavanger.kommune.no
  • The following domains are linked to a holder, but are not fully delegated. They have been entered into the DNS pending a cleanup:
    • ks.kommune.no
    • xn--srum-gra.kommune.no (sørum.kommune.no)
    • ullensvang.herad.no
  • The following domains are missing a holder, but have been entered into the DNS pending a cleanup:
    • byggesak.kommune.no
    • harald.herad.no
    • karlsrud.herad.no
    • paulsen.herad.no

All the domains have 22 May 2018 as their renewal date

Norid administered kommune.no until 20 April 2004. All domains registered prior to this have kept their initial creation date. All domains registered since then have 22 May 2017 as their creation date.

Regardless of creation date, the renewal date for the delegations has been set to 22 May 2018.

Published: 24 May 2017