Norid plans to make some changes to the registration system data model. The plans have been discussed with the registrar association Dot-Enno and were presented at the registrar seminar on 26 April.

So far no one has had any significant objections to the proposal. We now encourage all registrars to review the proposal and report any comments as soon as possible and latest 31st of May.

The changes are mainly due to the fact that we want to limit the amount of contact information we collect and which the domain holder needs to maintain. In addition, we will make some adjustments based on experience from practical operation with today's model.

The most important changes are:

  • Legal contact is removed for domains registered by organizations. In the new model, all domains - both those registered by individuals and organizations - will have a single object with contact information for the domain holder. That way, it will be clear which contact information we use when we contact the domain holder.
  • The possibility of links (relations) between contact objects is removed. This means that we no longer open for the registration of which organization a technical contact is associated. The only organizations registered in Norid's database are domain holders or registrars.

Details of the changes are described in the presentation by Jarle Greipsland at the registrar seminar on 26 April:

Further process

Most changes will be implemented in the internal policy code that is run in connection with EPP transactions. However, there will be some changes in the use of the EPP interface. We will make the necessary adaptions in the EPP client offered by Norid. Registrars who have their own EPP systems must prepare to make the necessary adjustments to their software.

The registration system with new data model will be made available in the test system late autumn 2017, so that registrars will have time to develop and test their adaptations. Scheduled production start is spring 2018.

More information about the process and the changes needed will be announced later.

Published: 9 May 2017
Updated: 26 August 2020